Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry! Student Teaching has taken over my life

I know it has been awhile, Student teaching, moving, Aubrey and trying to have some if any alone time with Gabe has consumed my life for the past 2 months. I don't even know where to start. Aubrey is up and movin!! I am going to predict an early walker. This has to be my least favorite stage so far. I am a nervous reck with her. Everytime she falls I hold my breath and try not to make that mommy face. So we clap our hands and say YEAH!!!!! She is a tough kid, I would assume she gets that from her daddy. I know I have said it before but those two are peas in a pod. Even more so now that Gabe is the one home with her the majority of the time. He is also busy busy busy. He has been working at a new place for a little over a month and still managing to take 12 hours along with being a full time daddy. I AM SO LUCKY to have a guy support me the way he does. I am sure when the time comes for him to buckle down and put on that cap and gown I will be taking on the Aubrey load.

We have moved to a new house in Ozark. We figured it was time to get out of the city a little. It is country enough for Gabe and only 10 minutes from Springfield. Also we are closer to my sister which is awesome since her and AJ have a blast together. I would love to buy a house here once we graduate. I would also really love to work at the high school. But what do you know the economy is awful so most of the schools around this area are on spending freezes. So cross your fingers and we will just have to wait it out and see what happens. Aubrey loves the house! we have so much more room and today we had a beautiful day so Gabe took her on a walk down by the lake. She loves being outside so the fact that we have a backyard now makes me even more anxious for spring to come. I see a baby pool in my future.

I will make sure that it is not another 2 months before I update again XOXO