Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well I just have no excuse for how long it has been. Oh wait I now have 2!!!

So let's see since the last time I posted something on the blog it has been well over a year. Let's see.... Well I did graduate, I took the job with Whole Hog Cafe and Gabe and I have added another addition. Zoey Grace!!!

Our second little surprise. She was born on March 30th, 2010 she weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 20 3/4 long. She is beautiful like her sister but so very different. I could tell before giving birth to this child that she was going to be the polar opposite of her older sister. Aubrey who danced all night in my tummy and who now dances allllllllll day as a 2 year old. Zoey on the other had was a lazy baby. We had to have her monitored 3 times my last month because she just wouldn't move. She also decided unlike our first to wait the full 39 weeks and 3 days to cook. Very different from Aubrey who was 3 weeks early. Zoey is now almost 5 months old and is still an easy going baby. She is teething pretty hard right now so we have alot of slobber going on and some cranky cranky days. She is not a napper like her sister. I guess since she does not exert as much energy throughout the day that she just stays awake and makes do with little catnaps all day. We had her 4 month visit to the doctor the other day and she is now 16lbs 3oz and 261/2 inches long. Up 4lbs and up 3 and a half inches!!! She is in 6month clothes all which fit her fine except her feety pajamas. Her toes are scrunched because she is so long. Gabe and I enjoy watching both of our daughters grow and change daily. I just had my 1 year anniversary with Whole Hog and am overall pleased with this job. The hours are alot better and I work with some great people. Gabe is on the final leg of his college career, he plans on graduating in May and then going to the police academy. Aubrey is our little comedian. She has the vocabulary of a 7 year old in a 2 year olds body. She can say her ABC's and count to 13 all by herself. She loves to color and swim. I am starting her in gymnastics on the 30th. I hope that it will give her an outlet for some of the energy that she has. Each day is different than the next especially with a 2 year old and a 5 month old. They sure do keep me on my toes. I promise to update more often, I'm not going to lie I forgot I had a blog until recently. XOXO

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our big kid!

Eileen posted this picture of Gabe on her blog and I forget how much out big girl looks like her daddy until I see a baby picture of him. So precious and it explains so much about their great relationship, they truly are peas in a pod!

Well I have accepted the job to manage the new restaurant that the owners of Big Whiskey's are opening. It is called Whole Hog BBQ and altought I am nervous I am very excited as well. I am excited that I will no longer be coming home at 3 in the morning or smelling like cigarette smoke and bar funk. I will be exchanging that for smelling like smoked meat and home by 10. For the first few months I will be gone none stop while opening the restaurant until all of the chaos settles down. I have found a babysitter for Aubrey that I think will work out great. She is the wife of a guy I work with and she stays home with her two children ages 2 and 4. I took AJ over there for a playdate the other day and it was a success. I am excited that Aubrey will have a friend to play with and get to socialize a bit more. I mean mommy and daddy are fun but lets be serious they are only intersting for about 3 seconds in Aubrey world.

She sure is bigger than life now a days. My little baby is a toddler and I just want her to sllllloooooowwwww down!!!! Although that is not going to happen I just try to cherish everyday with her, because one day she will be off to college doing her own thing just as I set out to do 6 years ago and now look. I can't even begin to understand how my parents must feel watching me now. So for now it's one day at a time and as long as my little family is happy and healthy we will be just fine and can handle anything that comes our way. I am confident that everything will always work out.

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOBIES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Everyone check it out! Aubrey Jo dancing in Mama E's car (she dances just like her daddy)

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Well summer is off to a great start! Aubrey and i are getting to spend tons of time together and I could not be happier. I can't speak for her but I think she is enjoying mom being home a little more. I have not been able to find a teaching job so I am working more at Big Whiskey's for now. The owners of Whiskey's have presented me a with a job offer that I am still thinking on. They are opening up a new BBQ restaurant and would like me to run the front of house. There are many pro's as well as con's, I am meeting with them tommorow to discuss details. Gabe is rarely home now which we hate but he is busy working as much as possible so that when school starts back up he will be able to take days off if needed. We are looking forward to the 4th of July since we are headed to the lake. I can not remember the last time Gabe and I were not playing mommy and daddy so this is a much needed mini vacation.

Aubrey Jo is growing growing growing. She had her first birthday party which went off without a hitch. We had great weather for a party at the park, where daddy bbq and aj got to play in a cake. At her 12 month check up she was weighing in at 24 lbs 6 oz and 30 inches long. The doctor looked at the growth chart and went WOAH!!!! I guess most kids tend to level off around 1, well AJ has excellerated. Someone is going to be tall like their daddy. Lets see... her vocabulary now includes, MAMA, DADA, BABA, HI, PLEASE or (peas as she says), MORE, PAPA, CHEESE, MOOOOOO, and WOOF WOOF. She is transitioning from formula to milk and that is where we are starting to struggle. She doesn't mind the milk, just the sippy cup. I know that it is not crucial for her to be done with the bottle right now but she just seems to have no interest taking milk from a sippy. But we are trucking along and will get past it just like we have with evertything else. This kid gets bigger everyday. She now puts herself to sleep... we ask "are you ready to go nigh nigh" and she will grab her lamby and head on into her room. We put her in bed and usuallly don't hear a peep out of her. The first time she did this I almost lost it. It just reminds me of how big my little girl is getting. Well that is it for now... the pictures that I am posting are from her party taken by her Aunt Molly (Uncle Cookson's girlfriend) xoxoxoxo

Friday, May 22, 2009

Funny Video

Mommy Graduated... Now what???

Well, I finished student teaching and I finally got my first 4.0 in college, to bad it was my last semester. I have not been able to find a job right now, I check on the internet everyday to see if there are any openings in the area and no such luck. So for now I am staying at Big Whiskey's, bartending and filling in as a manager when they need it. There are talks of another store going in on the south side of Springfield and I will be moving there if that happens. It has been a tough semster but college is finally over. I really could not hav gotten through it without Gabe. He really stepped up and helped me through my hardest semester yet. It is great to see a father so engrosed in his childs life, those two are peas in a pod, alike in almost every way. My two little babies.

As for the little bitty she just is not so little anymore. She is up and mobile and into EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! Gabe and I are pretty exhausted by the end of the day, but it is so worth it. She is so funny!! She dances and sings and loves to read books. In her toy chest she has all sorts of goodies plus books and as of right now all she digs out are the books. She will walk to book to me or Gabe and say booooook. She also moooo's like a cow and woof's like a dog when you ask her. She is done with baby food, she only wants what you are eating and will let you know it as soon as you take a bit. We are extreamly lucky to have a good eater, I have yet to find something that she does not like. She ate spinach the other day, what kid eats spinach. We are also transitioning to milk, so far not a huge fan she is still kind of attached to the "baba". I am also excited that the is a fruit eater. She loves cantelope as much as I do and she will eat 2 bananas a day if you let her. All in all she is the best baby (well toddler now) EVER! I am pretty bias but I am scared to see what the terrible two's bring because she has been such a good baby.

As we approach Aubrey's first birthday I am so sad, happy, excited, worried and every other emotion there is. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT IT HAS BEEN A YEAR! They really do grow up fast and I find myself missing that little bundled baby that we brought home almost a year ago. All of the worry, the sleepless nights and days, the missed days of school and work, and stress of it all has been so incredible worth it that I wonder how I was so lucky to be blessed with this little girl. She truely is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I thank god everyday that she is happy and healthy.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend my graduation and all of those that sent their wishes. Thanks for all of the support over the past year I love you all.