Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wow it's been awhile

Sorry everyone, it's been over 3 weeks since I have updated. It is a whirlwind these days and I am just running short on time. Well, real quick, Aubrey is so spectacular, she smiles, LAUGHS (most precious noise I have ever heard) and is still a daddy's girl. She is eating solids and is as impatient as her dad when it comes to eating. If I do not spoon it in fast enough she starts telling me to hurry up. The picture of her with all the food on her face is sweet potatos that we were trying for the first time. So far so good on all of the foods but we haven't really gotten into the veggies yet. Fruits are all yummy! She still is not sleeping through the night (well at least for me, she slept for Mama E)maybe she misses me and wants to wake up to see me. She is trying to sit on her own now and is just....well getting big! Sorry it's a short one but it is getting late and I need to catch as many ZZZZZZZ's as possible. XOXO

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who's rolling over? That's right I'm rolling over!!!!

Ok, where to start. Aubrey is growing so fast it makes me sad that I am not around to see all of it. I am really really busy with school and if I am not at the High School or in class I am doing homework. 8 more months, thats it. But then I will hopefully be getting a big kid job. I don't even want to think about it right now. One day at a time. Speaking of today, did you know that Aubrey Jo rolled over!!!!!!!! I thought that babies went from tummy to back first... well not my kid. She is a back to tummy kind of kid, it's those strong abs she got from daddy. Anyway I did not get to see it because, oh that's right you guessed it, I was at school. So I got home at 3 and from that point on I was trying to get her to roll over and she would get soooooooo close but not quite there. But daddy swears she did it and Aunt Hollie was here to witness. Maybe tomorrow I will have more luck. The grandparents are all visiting On the 11th for my sister's wedding shower and they have so much in store for them. She is so entertaining now, she smiles, she gives kisses, she almost has a giggle, and she just loves to hang out and be with you, what parent could ask for more. She also had her first time at the gym with me. My gym has a little daycare that will watch your baby for up to 2 hours. She did really well and had a good time watching the other kids play. It is nice to have a couple hours of week just for me, it helps to get her out of the house as well. We go back to the doctor next Thursday for her 4 month check up and shots. I am always excited to see how much she has grown. Her last growth spurt really got her going. She is in 6 month clothes and she in in 2's now for her diapers. Well, sorry for the not so frequent updates. Love you all!!! Can't wait to see you all soon.