Sunday, January 4, 2009

WEEEWW! Holiday season is over!

OOOHHH the holiday's. Although enjoyable they are exhausting. Aubrey Jo handled them well though. She enjoyed all of the action and attention. First stop was Papa Bill's in Arkansas, where she befriended Bill's new puppy. After a brief visit there we came back to Springfield for a day so I could work and then it was off to St. Louis where we visited with the whoooooolllllllleeeee family:) Aubrey did so good the whole time she was home with us. She really is a fantastic baby, so happy and excited to learn about the world. She got her first tooth a few weeks ago and this morning we noticed that another one has decided to join. She is also making attempts to crawl, she gets up on her knees takes one little move and then falls. So close i would say she will be zooming around the house by next week. With all of the holidays and working I feel like I have had no time off. I start my student teaching in Ozark on the 12th. The end of the tunnel is near. I graduate On May 15th and then I am DONE!!! I am so proud of my little family for bearing with me while I finish school (then it is daddy's turn). I ended up with a 3.2 for the semester which was very unexpected. Gabe did well and is looking forward to doing even better next semester even though he will be a stay at home daddy while I am student teaching. Uncle Tyler will be looking after the little one while Gabe is in class on Tuesday's and Thursday's. We have been so blessed with loving people who care for our family and are willing to drop everything to help. We hope that everyone had a great holiday we will catch up more soon. XOXOXOXO