Thursday, November 13, 2008

NOVEMBER- Gobble, Gobble

Well, we are well into November now and I have not updated in awhile. Aubrey is growing faster than I could keep up with the blog anyway. I feel like I have not seen her at all this month. Halloween she was her with Mama E, we went trick or treating with Aunt Molly and our little monkey. The next weekend she was up in St. Louis visiting, because I had homework, work, and Melissa's bachlorette party. And as we speak she is on her way to West Plains for a deer hunting weekend with daddy. Well she isn't going deer hunting but I have my Praxis exam on Saturday morning and I needed some time to get some MORE homework done. Yes, the neverending pile of homework that I have put off until now. But the end of the semester is quickly approaching and I have to take advantage of my alone time. And then next weekend is Aunt Lissa's wedding and Aunt Shannon will be her for the weekend because I am going to be around but not.
As she gets bigger and more playful it is getting harder and harder for me to be away from her. Not that I did not LOVE LOVE LOVE the newborn phase, but now she is just so much FUN. Everyday it is something new. Right now it is raspberry's, she loves to blow them when she has food in her mouth. She is also very curious about faces, she will grab your nose or mouth but HARD (she has not learned gentel yet, poor diesel)Yes she loooovvvvveeeesss the doggy. She is sitting up for a few minutes on her own now, and she is now a side sleeper. I put her in her cradle and she immediately rolls onto her side and puts her face up against the bumper. Silly girl! Once again sorry about how long it has been since the update. XOXO