Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekly Update

My little baby is getting so big! I know I say that in every post but daddy weighed her today and she is 9 and a half pounds according to our scale(which may be slightly off). She giggled at me the other day and I can not help but laugh my butt off because it is the sweetest sound EVER! She is also in the new habit of trying to stay awake. Not that I am complaining I love being with her and playing but I was used to the extensive napping that she did. It seems like I used to have a little more time in the day to get things done, but now I just sit and play and stare at this beautiful baby of ours. It just showes you how much they change from day to day. Today we tried out the swing and LOVED IT. She slept in it for almost 3 hours. She also got a chance to hang out in the Jumparoo even though she is still to small Gabe had to try it. We are also beginning to introduce bottles, she doesn't seem to mind them because she just wants to eat. It is nice because Gabe will wake up with her and get her a bottle ready so that I can have a few more hours of sleep. I think he likes the feeding time to, a little father daughter bonding, just like reading time. Gabe loves to read her Dr. Suess and Aubrey loves to sit and listen. Aubrey also got a visit from her "boyfriend" Harper and Aunt Hollie, Harper loved Aubrey, Aubrey didn't seem to care. She is so carefree, I am sure I am cursing myself but she is the best baby I could not have asked for anything better. I hope everyone is doing well, I will try and post another blog later this week. LOVE

Thursday, June 26, 2008

She is getting soooo big!

OH Aubrey Jo she is the joy of my life. She is getting so big so fast, I swear she has gained another pound, or maybe its the heavy loads in her diapers. This week she is definantly being more active. She waves her arms and is starting to balance much better (view the picture below). I don't watch it makes me nervous. She is also responding to voices, she can be in a dead sleep, but when daddy gets home from work she is wide awake (just like when she was in my tummy). She will look your way when you are talking to her and she loves to stare at me when she eats. We have more family visits in the coming weeks. Gabe's mom is on vacation now so she is going to come and help out for a little while and let mommy catch up on some school work and tanning :). Also Gabe's sister Shauna will be out on the 10th to meet her niece (she left for Europe the day Aubrey was born). My mom and cousins are also coming down on the 10th to drop Emily off for some R&R with her cousin Lissa, and to see Aubrey of course. I see alot of pool time in my future. I am having some concerns about Aubrey's eating though, she has started to occasionaly throw up everything she eats, mommy is not a fan of it at all. I feel heartbroken when she does because she just seems so sad. The doctor said to watch how she is eating because lack of appitite is the first sign of a sick baby. She is still eating well but is a little more fussy when she does eat. Maybe Gas??? Well I hope everyone is enjoying the blog and there will be many more to come. LOVE YA

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aubrey has arrived!

Hey everyone!!! this is Gabe and I's attempt to keep everyone updated. Aubrey changes everyday and we would like everyone to be able to take a look. I will try to put up new posts as much as possible. Aubrey is now 2 weeks old and at her last weigh in she was 7 pounds 12 ounces, and growing. I would not be suprised if she gained a pound a day the way she eats. She truly is a blessing, we could not have asked for a better baby. She is very content just looking around and hanging out with mom and dad. She also is the most talkative baby I have ever heard of. She is either grunting, cooing, or meowing like a cat (it is the only way to describe this sound). Gabe and I are excited to see what each day brings, because she is changing every minute. We never take our eyes off of her because we fear that we will miss something. Aubrey Jo is finally here and we couldn't be happier.