Friday, August 29, 2008

I am 3 months Old!!!

Oh how the months have flown by. Gabe and I are now back in school and the first week so far has scared to crap out of me. I am in for a tough one but I have a little motivator at home name Aubrey Jo. I want nice things for my baby, I want her to see that school is important and that I made a commitment to finish and I did even though I knew that juggling a job, school,helping my sister with her wedding, a newborn and a boyfriend would be hard. I look at her and I push myself to do well even though I am sooooooo very tired, I know that all the hard work will be worth it. I mean I did go through labor and that might be the hardest thing I have ever done. Actually that is a lie, pregnancy was harder than the labor was :) But the end result was the most beautiful thing in the world. She is sooooooooooooo much fun now a days. She smiles she plays she is just getting so big. She gets a whole new wardrobe now since she is starting to outgrow her 0-3 stuff, I wish my wardrobe rotated. My momma is coming to visit today and I just know she is going to be shocked at how BIG she is since mom hasen't seen her since she was 6 weeks. Also, spread the word Uncle Naj finally held her and he did just fine. Hopefully they will be having one of their own in the next year so that Aubrey will have someone to play with. My first night away from her is coming up, and I don't know how I feel about it yet. I am actually having nightmares, but I had to do it sometime. Gabe and I have a wedding to go to next weekend so she will be spending the night with Mama E (thats what we have decided to call Eileen). Other than that she is doing much better, pooping everyday, no more gooby eye, but she is having a bout of teething. Yes, I said teething, that is what the doctor told us so we have a slobbery sometimes very cranky baby. Good Luck Mama E! Love you all....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Being a mother can make you crazy (in a good way)

Itty Bitty baby feet, she gets bigger and her feet stay the same. Just another picture of how precious she really is and how bad you want to make sure that they feel their best every day. So everytime your child coughs or cries your stomach sinks, and no offense to daddy's everywhere but I just don't think that they get that same feeling. I don't know if it is the tough factor but daddy's are there for tossing the ball, rough housing and horsey rides. Especially with little girls, daddy's are the twinkle in their eyes. I remember trying to beat our golden retriever to the door when dad got home. We would call dad when one of us was hurt because mom would just freak and we didn't want her driving 90 miles per hour to get home. There is just nothing like the relationship that daughters and daddy's have. Mom's on the other hand are crazy people! And now I totally understand what we put our mothers through. Gabe has been hurt on every spot on his body and I have been sick more than healthy. Aubrey is constipated her thrush has still not gone away, she has as small fever, a gooby eye and is just all around not feeling well this week and I just want to cry because I know she is uncomfortable. All the rules go out the window when your baby is sick. They get what they want, if they want to sleep on you, you let them, if she wants to be up and walking around you do it. Anything to make her comfortable. We are going to the doctor tomorrow with a list of questions for him because a parent wants to make sure that all the bases are covered. In a way I am becoming a crazy person, it is all I can do not to cry with her. You sit around waiting for her to poop, doing things to help her poop (bicycle the legs, juice, tummy massage) I have never been so interested in poop... I must be crazy, but it comes with the job description. I will let you all know how the doctor appointment goes tomorrow. LoVe

Friday, August 15, 2008

Beautiful Baby

Aubrey is FINALLY on a schedule. It is soooo nice since school starts in a week and I am able to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Well, not completly she still wakes up at 4:00 but she is going to sleep at 10:00 (by herself) so I am ok with that and after her 4:00 feeding she goes back to sleep until 8:00. She is being so much more interactive lately, smiling and talkin to you. She has been a little crabby though she has thrush so it hurts her to eat and she has been a little fussy with it. But we got some medicine and she seems to be doing better each day. She is much more attentive as well, she will follow you with her eyes, she especially likes to follow the cat. I guess because he is black and white he is a nice contrast for her. I can already see how that relationship is going to go, he will be the first thing she crawls towards and grabs. She is such a happy baby, we truly are blessed. My first night without her is around the corner I have to go to one of Gabe's friends weddings on September 13th and we are dropping her off in West Plains on the way to stay with Mama Eileen (I think that is what she decided she wanted to be called). I knew the day would come and I guess I need to deal with it because I was thinking about taking a trip after graduation. Yea that is a year away but I just love being with her and I don't want to miss anything because she changes everyday. Which is why I keep updating so that everyone who can not be here on a daily basis can see her progress. Love you guys, thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chunky Monkey!

So we had a doctor's visit Thursday and I knew that she had grown but I about craped my pants when I saw the scale. 11 pounds 6 ounces, HOLY COW!!! what a piggy, she also has grown almost 2 inches in length. She also got her first round of shots which just broke my heart because it is the first time she has been hurt. She looked at me with those eyes, asking me what the heck was that. Then the tears started oooohhhhh my little baby. She was a little crabby for the rest of the day and the next but she made it through without any other problems. The doctor said the rash on her face was from drooling and other mositure so now instead of a read face she has a shiny face from the vaseline.
Friday Grandma came for a visit so we decided to take Molly and Aubrey to the pool for a bit. Molly was thrilled but Aubrey not so much, the water was a little colder than she is used to. She managed to stay in with daddy for about 10 minutes and then pooped out for a nap. She is doing much better with her sleeping issues. Still not sleeping through the night but is managing to put herself to sleep around 9:00 or 10:00 and is up around 8:00. It is so nice to have her on a schedule now it will really help once school starts. Gabe and I go back on the 25th, and I super nervous because it is my last semester before my student teaching so it will be a busy one I'm sure. Let's see other updates, she will mimic facial expressions now. You smile at her and she smile's back, or you stick out you tounge and she does the same. It is a real fun game that we play all day long. She also loves to stand now, if you try to put her on her behind she will stiff leg until you stand her up. I love watching her grow and I get a little sad because I just know that she is getting so big so fast and that it was just yesterday that she was so little and loved to be cuddled.
I hope everyone is still reading the blog and enjoying it, because I love talking about her new discoveries. Everyone needs to leave me some comments so that I know you are reading and enjoying the growth of our little Aubrey Jo.... LOVE YOU ALL

Sunday, August 3, 2008

2 months and still growing

Well Aubrey Jo is 2 months old. HOLY COW!!!! She is getting so old, it feels like just yesterday i was pregnant. It is weird to look at my pregnant pictures and think that she was in there. As you can see by the pictures she is growing rapidly, long ways and sideways (Little budda belly). I got her to smile the other day although there are no pictures of it since it is still pretty random. Tecnically since she was three weeks early she is only 5 weeks when it comes to hitting infant milestones, so the next 3 weeks should be really exciting. Lots of smiles, kicking and playing with toys that hang over her head. The past two days have been spent trying to teach AJ the difference between daytime and nightime. During the day we keep it as light as possible in the house with noises going all the time. Night time begins at 7:30 with a bath, then it is into the bedroom where it is dark and quite so that she can distiguish day from night. This has been pretty successful since she is starting to go to bed around 9 and waking up for the day around 7 or 8. She isn't sleeping through the night though, she still wakes up every 2 to 3 hours. I am hoping that once her night time routine is more established she will consider sleeping longer. She is the one in charge so we will see. We go back to the doctor on Friday YEEEEAAAAA!!! I am always curious to see how long and heavy she is. Plus I have a list of questions for the doctor. The first one is why the baby acne? I want to go get professional pictures taken but am waiting for the acne to go away and for the smile to be more readily avaliable. So hopefully by the end of August we should have some cute 3 month old pictures. Lets see, what else, all I can say is how fast she is growing and how much fun it has been being a parent. Love you all!!!